Owner Occupied Multi-Family Communities

Owner occupied multi-family communities (Condos) with centralized garbage containers may contract for garbage collection services with any hauler that has been granted a non-exclusive franchise by the City of Margate.

Condos are required to provide a minimum level of garbage collection service such that the garbage is collected a minimum of twice per week and that the garbage containers are adequately sized so that all garbage generated fits within the containers so that their lid can completely close.

Non-Exclusive Franchise Haulers

Please contact any of the haulers listed directly to establish, change, or discontinue garbage collection services.

The City's current non-exclusive franchisees are:

  • Panzarella Waste and Recycling Services: 954-320-9594
  • Republic Services: 954-583-1830
  • Waste Management: 954-974-7500
  • Waste Pro: 954-633-2530

Non-Exclusive Franchise Agreement Application (PDF)

Condos are also required to provide their residents with access to recycling. A minimum capacity of one 95-gallon recycling cart collected weekly shall be provided for every eight (8) units in the community. Equivalent dumpster capacity and/or more frequent collections may be used to provide the minimum capacity. Condos may contract with a commercial registered recovered materials hauler to establish recycling collection services.

Condos also have the option to join the City of Margate's exclusive franchise for garbage and recycling collection. Advantages of joining the City's exclusive franchise include City management of solid waste and recycling collection, clearly identified public pricing, and weekly bulk waste collection. 

Please note that joining the exclusive franchise is permanent. Communities interested in joining the City's exclusive franchise may contact the Department of Environmental and Engineering Services at 954-972-0828 to obtain additional information.