Residential curbside recycling is collected once per week including holidays (except Christmas day).

View Solid Waste and Recycling Map to determine your recycling collection day.

  1. Collection Guidelines
  2. Recycling Right
  3. Recycling Wrong
  4. Recycling Carts
  • Rinse out containers and remove caps and straws.
  • Place all of your recyclables directly into Big Blue (no bags please).
  • Roll your cart to the curb on your recycling day.
  • Place your recycling cart on a level, solid surface near the edge of the street by 7 a.m. on your recycling day, but not earlier than 5:00 p.m. the evening before your recycling day.
  • Place your recycling cart at the curb with the lid closed and the wheels and handle facing your home.
  • Place your recycling cart at least three (3) feet away from other objects (i.e. mailbox, car, garbage cart, etc.).
  • Remove your recycling cart within twelve (12) hours of collection.
    Recycling RightRecycling Wrong

What can you recycle? Every day we encounter hundreds of recyclable items. By recycling properly, you help materials get to their next best use, which in turn saves tons of raw materials, time, energy and expense. By working together, we can help educate and encourage communities to recycle right. Remember… when in doubt, throw it out! Learn more:

Contact Waste Management

For all other inquiries about the City of Margate Recycling Program, contact the Department of Environmental and Engineering Services at (954) 972-0828 or email Waste Management Recycling.