Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.)

C.E.R.T. is the Community Emergency Response Team. C.E.R.T. members are identified by their green vests and helmets. C.E.R.T. members are valuable resources after a disaster and have assisted in search & rescue activities, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) assistance, POD operations, and provision of emergency medical care prior to our arrival. C.E.R.T. members are primarily coordinated through the Emergency Operations Center, but are trained to begin disaster response activities in their own neighborhoods first. The goal of C.E.R.T. in Margate is for neighbors to be trained to help neighbors until professional help can arrive.

More Information

For more information about the C.E.R.T. program, call 954-971-7010 or email us.



CERT participants are taught by our fire department personnel in the following curriculum:

1. Introduction to Disasters
2. Fire Safety
3. Disaster Medical Care, Part I
4. Disaster Medical Care, Part II
5. Search and Rescue
6. Response to Terrorism
7. Disaster Psychology and Team Organization
8. Course Review, Final Drill, Graduation