New Owners / Tenants

New Owners

To open an account for water, wastewater (sewer), and/or garbage service within the City of Margate, the owner of the property must email the following documentation to Water Billing Division:

  • Proof of property ownership (e.g., executed settlement statement or recorded Quit Claim Deed)
  • A clear photocopy of a driver’s license or other official photo identification.
  • Contact phone number

Once documentation has been provided, a new account will be created and an email sent with instructions for placing the deposit and a link to the Water & Wastewater Agreement to be completed and signed.

The customer may be held responsible for all outstanding balances on the property and may have to contact his/her title insurance to facilitate payment. If the property was foreclosed on and purchased through auction at the courthouse, it is strongly recommended that a City Lien search is requested to see if there are outstanding liens/violations on the property.

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The City of Margate does not open water and sewer accounts for tenants. The account will always be in the property owner’s name. A courtesy copy of the bill can be mailed to the tenant if a valid lease is emailed to Water Billing.

It is strongly recommended that the property owner request an e-Bill to monitor if the tenant is paying timely or not.