Utilities Division

The City of Margate owns and operates the water and wastewater treatment systems which serve all residents and businesses located within the City's geographical boundary, as well as a portion of the City of Coconut Creek. View Utility Service Map (PDF)

Water and Wastewater Facilities

Water Treatment Plant

The City of Margate owns and operates a 20-million gallon per day (mgd) water treatment plant (WTP) located at 980 NW 66th Avenue in the City of Margate. Raw water is extracted from the City's twelve (12) raw water wells, and is pumped to the water plant for treatment. The treatment process consists of aeration to remove iron and carbon dioxide, lime softening to reduce hardness, followed by granular media and activated carbon filtration. Chlorine is generated at the plant to facilitate efficient chlorination for disinfection. Fluoride is also added for dental health. The treated water is pumped to three aboveground storage tanks with a total capacity of 6 million gallons. The potable water is subsequently distributed to your homes and businesses through a network of pipes. A backup generator at the WTP assures uninterrupted supply of water even during FPL power outages.

All of our water sources are permitted by the South Florida Water Management District. The treatment facility is permitted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Broward County Department of Health.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The City of Margate owns and operates two separate and adjacently located treatment facilities, with a combined permitted capacity of 10.1 millions gallons per day (mgd). The East plant is a 2.2- mgd activated sludge treatment plant. The treatment at the West plant is provided using Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC) with a capacity of 7.9 mgd. As with the Water Treatment Plant, backup generators guarantee treatment of wastewater at both plants during FPL power outages.

Distribution/Collection System

The City of Margate Distribution/Collection System consists of water mains, water meters, fire hydrants, flow control valves, sewer force mains, gravity sewer mains, sewer lift stations, etc. The treated water at the water plant is distributed through water mains in the distribution system to the residents and the businesses. Wastewater generated as a result of water use is collected and conveyed safely to the wastewater treatment plants through gravity mains, lift stations and force mains for proper treatment and disposal.

Water & Wastewater System Statistics (2017)

  • Treatment Plant Capacity (Water): 20 million gallons per day (mgd)
  • Treatment Plant Capacity (Wastewater): 10.1 mgd
  • Number of Raw Water Wells: 12
  • Water Storage Tank Capacity: 5.9 million gallons
  • Number of Fire Hydrants: 1,953
  • Length of Water Mains: 211 miles
  • Length of Gravity Mains: 148 miles
  • Length of Force Mains: 29 miles
  • Number of Lift Stations: 54
  • Number of Service Connections: 16,811
  • Residential = 14,876
  • Commercial = 1,935
  • Service Area Population (Estimated): 65,000
  • City of Margate Population: 57,226 (Source: BEBR, 2016)


For questions on your water bill, please contact Utilities-Customer Service at City Hall at 954-972-6454.