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City of Margate High School Graduate Banner Program

  1. The City’s High School Graduate Banner Program was created for the community to publicly honor and celebrate our high school graduates who reside in the City of Margate. High school graduations have been upended in Broward County and across the country, and this program will show our seniors just how proud we are of them.
  2. Please print clearly
  3. Email will be used to communicate order details with you.
  4. The cost of each banner is $100 and includes installation. The installation location is at the discretion of the City. The City is not liable for banner replacements, relocation, lost/stolen banners, or repairs from eminent weather beyond normal warranty work.
  5. Please upload digital photographs with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.
  6. By completing this form, the applicant and/or the high school graduate is giving the City of Margate permission to release the information for public use.
  7. Checks made payable to the City of Margate should be sent to Margate Parks and Recreation Department, 6199 NW 10th Street, Margate, FL 33063
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