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1. What are the payment options?
2. How does new utility service get started?
3. How can an account be terminated?
4. How do I get my water reconnected after hours?
5. What is the information printed on my water bill?
6. If service has been terminated for non-payment, how can service be reconnected?
7. What happens if the utility payment is late?
8. How often will a utility billed be generated?
9. What are e-Bills?
10. What happens if the utility bill is not received?
11. Who handles water line breaks, low pressure, or sewer stoppage?
12. Can the water deposit be refunded?
13. Who handles a water line break after hours or on weekends
14. Can a utility bill be credited for a pool fill?
15. Does the City ever estimate water meter readings?
16. How do residents investigate high consumption?
17. Can a third party be consuming my water?