Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We thought a simple way to explain what the goals and purpose of the Comp Plan Amendments are would be to pose a series of questions. The questions are not intended to be all-inclusive, but rather just a good start at explaining what we’ve begun and why it’s important.

  1. Why does Margate Maintain a Comprehensive Plan and is it Important?
    The simple answer is Margate maintains a Comprehensive Plan [the Comp Plan] because Florida State Statutes require that we do to provide for an orderly process of managing and guiding future growth and all related City planning functions, services, and responsibilities.

    The actual answer; however, as you might imagine is more complicated. Margate 2.0 Comp Plan Amendments, once adopted, will update social, housing, and economic data that will help determine how we address the many serious challenges to be encountered over the next 20 years.

    Challenges that no doubt will involve all eight elements of modern south Florida living described by FS Chapter 163, i.e., Future Land Use, Transportation, Utilities, Recreation and Open Space, Capital Improvements, Housing, Conservation, Intergovernmental Cooperation and Public Schools.

  2. Why are the Margate 2.0 Comp Plan Amendments Important?
    For the Margate 2.0 Comp Plan Amendments to be a success, residents, property and business owners, and Commissioners and other stakeholders will all need to engage and share their voice on how the future Margate should look.  We all have a stake in the future from where we live and work, to shopping and play.  We need Margate to continue being the vibrant and unique “hometown” we know it is?

  3. What topics will the Margate 2.0 Comp Plan Amendments Address?
    The original Margate Comp Plan included eight subjects (the Elements) that have not been updated since originally published in 1989. Margate 2.0 will help:
  • Assess past successful strategies; what didn’t work; and are new strategies needed
  • Formulate plans that address required goals, opportunities and policies
  • Create a vital Plan that once completed is interactive across several platforms
  • Develop a Plan that guides growth and is clear, concise, and easily understood
  • Address important issues that affect our community’s sense of equity – things like public transportation, affordable housing, healthy food, and sustainable city services